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The DustRam® Equipment System of technically advanced tile removal tools is so efficient, it can easily double or triple the amount of ceramic tile removed in a house or business each day, week, or month. Imagine being able to remove the flooring and reduce your project time in half while maintaining your current income.

The revolutionary DustRam® System Floor Removal Equipment is now available for sale to Licensed Contractors in Floor Removal & Flooring Installation, Remodelers, Commercial Property Renovation Companies, Utilities, and other industries.

DustRam® provides a dust elimination solution to remove tile, tile cement board, underlayment and all types of tile flooring materials.

Our specially developed system of dustless floor removal equipment and refined processes removes the tile in an exceptionally fast, efficient method to increase profitability and save valuable time.

In terms of ruggedness and dependability, every component of the DustRam® System Floor Removal Equipment has been field-tested to outperform and outlast other products currently marketed to remove ceramic tile concrete.
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