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A well-designed garden is a lovely humane space. Not some kind of horticultural display cabinet. Not some kind of adjunct beside the house but completely integral to your life. It’s an integration of life and garden. Gardens are healing spaces. It’s part of the substance of life and not just a place to just slap a table, dusty chairs and a rusty barbecue. It’s meant to be cozy, comfortable, and sociable. To be a calming, entertaining space for you and your loved ones. A space to spend an evening with a glass of wine while dusk falls.

Today, many of us do not think of our gardens as an intrinsic part of our homes – somewhere to eat, play, entertain, and to relax. They are in fact a space that can be a reflection of your personality, passions, and interests. Gardens and landscapes can also have a positive affect your health and wellness. Simply put, nature improves our lives and lifestyles.

Jahkomo Landscapes and Living Walls has a long family history of landscaping, gardening, and outdoor life from the shores of Italy to North Carolina and now South Florida. We delight ourselves on designing landscapes and living walls for all moods – elegance, practicality, efficiency, productivity, relaxation, and more.

To us, land can be a giant sculpture. It’s where hand-picked plants can coexist living together for mutual benefit and for dramatic effects for you and your family. Your yard space can be a reflection of our personality and an indicator of your passions and interests.

Our design wisdom accentuates the use of structure, form, texture, color/hue, space, but above all…mood. We push for designs that communicate harmony, balance, proportion, and overall unity. We also make use of naturalistic planting. Some say we paint a rich tapestry of texture that stimulates the senses.

Jahkomo Landscapes and Living Walls wants to change the way you think of your yard space and break the frontiers of garden design. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home with ‘rooms’ that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

No matter what your taste reflect: Contemporary, Traditional, European, Asian, Tropical, Subtropical, or a completely original design, Jahkomo Landscapes and Living Walls yearns to create an outdoor space just for you.

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Gardens for: Condos, Balconies, Patios, Verandas

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Just imagine starting your morning on the patio for breakfast. Dine alfresco under a palm-covered table. Reflect in the nearby flower garden. Greet guest, sip tea or host a party under the arbor.
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