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The ICNDF Dog Training Center is located in St. Augustine, Florida. We raise and sell TOP DOG quality German Shepherds with World Champion bloodlines, both working line and show line. We offer quality care boarding and several training packages - for all dog breeds and sizes; toy, small, medium, large, and giant. All in a safe, secure, comfortable, and clean environment.

Our staff jointly has over a 100 years of experience training, handling, and facilities management. We share the same level of care for your 'family' member(s) as we do our own.

We have equipped our air-conditioned kennel throughout with high volume overhead and floor fans, along with a misting system in all of our outside runs - to keep your dog comfortable. Our backup GENERAC generators automatically turn on to ensure continued power within moments of an electrical outage.

Acreage includes a large shady wooded area we refer to as 'The Park'. We utilize this section and our training field for exercise and play - so your pet has a healthy, stress-free time with us.

The kennel barn houses runs each with ample room. Plenty of room to stretch even the longest legs! The entire barn is sheltered from rain, cold, summer heat, and wind. Our kennels are hooked up with an automatic watering system, built into pens and exercise runs throughout our facility. Our flooring throughout has excellent drainage which facilitates a clean environment for your dog.

In addition to a network of internal gates, fences, and cross-fences, the entire perimeter is surrounded by 7-foot security fencing and video surveillance. Double fencing, cross-fencing, and locking gates ensure maximum containment and security. Because we live on-site, regular and random security checks are conducted around the clock. And, of course, we always have a few top-notch guard dogs patrolling the premises after hours.
Location: St. Augustine, FL 32095
Phone: 904.829.5654
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