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Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 20 years since the journey of the Endureed brand began.

It all started with a challenge: create a roofing system that would deliver the beauty and wonder of natural thatched roof, durability of a commercial-grade building product, capable of surviving hurricane force winds.

By applying years of in-depth roofing knowledge, world class creativity and artistry, this challenging endeavor was tackled with enthusiasm, vigor and vision for a product to change the way the world would look at thatched roofing.

After months of dedicated work, rigorous testing, and intense visual critiquing, the first product that would be given the “Endureed” badge was born.

Our Endureed products quickly caught the attention of world-renown resorts, amusement parks and hotels, who eagerly began integrating Endureed synthetic thatch roofing designs into their unique projects.

Today, the same excitement and vigor that fueled the development of the first design concept propels our brilliant team to continuously improve on our designs, and bring new thatched roofing ideas to the market.

We help our customers give life to their imaginations.
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