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Atlanta Appliance Repair, Inc is the most reliable and expert Appliance Service. We are more than happy to provide our customers a peace of mind that their families will be comfortable in their homes and confidence not to be interrupted with appliances related breakdowns.

We have been in the appliance repair business many years. The owner of this company has experience in Appliance repairing for more than 15 years. He was working in many Appliance Repair companies in Atlanta, and now he can provide professional service and training.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to who you call for your appliance repair needs. As an experienced consumer, there are many ways to compare your options. Price, quality, distance, response time, and customer service are just some of the factors when deciding who to call to repair that broken appliance. However, your weekend plans do not include spoiled food in a broken refrigerator, or piles of dirty laundry with a broken washer machine. You need an experienced technician who will get your plans back on track quickly and efficiently. Let our friendly team repair your dishwasher machine, because life is too short to be stuck inside washing dishes by hand.

We are committed to serve you and your appliances effectively, efficiently, and always in a safe manner.
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Location: Cumming, GA 30040
Phone: 404.396.0939
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