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We are dedicated to training our dogs. As breeders we take pride in the health and well being of our dogs, so we provide all necessary health screenings before any breeding’s. (See the importance of OFA on our FAQ page) Our dogs come from world class East & West German, Czech and Belgian working bloodlines (No American bloodlines). We have trained dogs for Schutzhund “IPO” since 2007. Our dogs actively compete to achieve internationally recognized IPO titles. We are active members of the United Schutzhund Club of America. We have worked hard to get where we are and we are proud of our dogs and their accomplishments. They prove themselves through countless hours of training in all types of different environments and conditions.

Our goal is to breed balanced, trainable, dependable dogs for family companions and for IPO, Police, Military, Personal Protection, Search and Rescue, Cadaver and Service homes.

The German Shepherd is a versatile breed that is protective and loyal. We start puppy imprinting and socialization, which are key building blocks, to ensure all new owners can be successful with training their new puppy. Any dog or puppy sold by us will need a job to do. We will not sell to homes that are not going to be able to provide an outlet for their drives. We guarantee and stand behind every puppy that we produce.

Thank you for your interest in Von Adelmo K9, located in the Prairie Basse area between Carencro, La & Arnaudville, La.
Contact: Von Adelmo K9 .
Location: Arnaudville, LA 70512
Phone: 337.366.7461
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