Our Services
Assured Value Claims Public Adjusting, LLC is a public adjusting firm licensed and bonded through your state's Department of Insurance that represents you, the policyholder. We are experts in policy interpretation and construction building knowledge to get you the maximum settlement of your property insurance claim. Our team is comprised of highly trained:
Building Consultants
Accounting Professionals
Damage Estimators
Insurance Appraisers
Court Appointed Umpires
When you retain Assured Value Claims Public Adjusting, LLC, you have a professional group in your corner fighting for you. Insurance companies have historically been known to shortchange their policyholders that have been loyal customers for years paying their premiums.

The moment you get us on board you are getting the very best service. We interpret and dissect the policy to find out exactly your rights under the terms of your policy, conduct a thorough on-site, free investigation of the property loss, compile a detailed damage estimate report with the very same industry standard estimating software the insurance carriers use, and negotiate with the insurance carrier’s adjuster and personnel to reach a resolution with your settlement.
Contact: Assured Value Claims Public Adjusting .
Location: Gretna, LA 70053
Phone: 504.435.5923
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