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We offer a range of premium home window tinting products to suit every need for your home, whether it be for solar heat protection, safety & security, or decorative purposes.

Upgrade your windows with high performance 3M window film for optimal energy efficiency and protection from harmful UV rays. Snappy Tint provides manufacturer-certified home window tinting installations to New Orleans, Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast. Without window film, your windows are the weakest point in your defense against the sun, but it doesn't have to stay that way! Contact us today to learn about our range of products, which boast all the benefits of window tint without darkening your home.

Why Protect Against Solar Heat?
- Improve comfort year round with superior heat rejection
- Save energy and reduce utility bills up to 30%
- Prevent damage to your floors and furnishings
- Reduce glare while preserving natural light
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Phone: 504.708.2209
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