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We provide a safe, luxurious, customizable and unique solution for developers, designers, architects and clients who cannot have, or do not want, a traditional wood or gas fireplace in residential, commercial, or hospitality projects. None of our fireplaces require chimneys, venting, or connections of any kind due to their clean-burning fuel cartridge system, allowing for greater design flexibility than conventional fireplaces – and without their construction requirements.

Why People Choose HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces:

•HearthCabinets do not require a chimney, gas, or electricity. They are completely self-contained metal cabinets.
•Fueled by Alcohol-Gel Fuel Cartridges:
•A beautiful, real, crackling golden flame.
•Clean-burning and produce no smoke or mess and come in recyclable containers.
•Are single-use and pre-filled so no pouring of fuel is ever necessary.
•Unrivaled in Safety:
•Our standard models are ETL tested to UL standard 1370 (STANDARD FOR SAFETY – Unvented Alcohol Fuel Burning Decorative Appliances) which is a National Safety Certification.
•Patented safety features like a keyed locking door with a rigid steel mesh screen ensure the safest fireplace experience possible.
•HearthCabinets have been accepted for use in New York City by the NYC Fire Department and NYC Department of Buildings.
•We Do Custom – Available in standard and custom sizes and styles.
•Individually Handcrafted in NYC by local artisans to ensure the highest quality and the shortest lead times.
•Installation is Easy – They slide into place and are secured with 4 screws through the base of the box.
•Economic Advantage – They save sellable square footage that would otherwise be wasted on multiple flues, and save on construction and installation costs as well.
•Professional Expertise & Personal Service – Our staff of architects and designers will work directly with you on the design for your project, start to finish.
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Phone: 212.242.1485
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