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Springs Painting Company came to fruition in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Founded by Jamie Grubb, his experience dates back to 1983 as he worked on high-end homes under his father ( Jim Grubb ) in Bridgehampton , NY .

For 15+ years Jamie absorbed the lessons from his father on how to do the job right while meeting or exceeding the client's expectations 100% of the time. This wide array of skills has enabled Jamie to impart these methods to his current crew in NYC, and the business continues to grow beyond his intial expectations.

We will work with the client and customize a plan based on the budget and level of quality expectations. Contact us so we can set up a consultation!

Choosing a contractor tends to be a stressful process. I advise my potential clients that when comparing estimates, do not simply look at the total cost as a barometer. Think more in terms of scope of work, attention to detail and meeting your goals. Less cost tends to mean less time and quality.

I do give fixed cost prices for labor , as well as an hourly labor rate. I ballpark the cost for materials after the initial consultation. I have all of the tools and means of transportation to pick up supplies so that you as the client do not need to worry about any of the logisitics.
Contact: Springs P
Location: Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 916.619.6822
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