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Our dogs are highly intelligent and disciplined, proudly represent the best of the best of German Shepherd Dogs in the World!
Aggression toward offenders; however, exceptional loyalty, respect and obedience to the owner and his/her family, including children and family's pets.

German Shepherd is recognized for its protection and loyalty.

This magnificent dog is known for its beauty, loyalty, athletic ability and its desire and love to work.

The German Shepherd excels at the sport of Schutzhund and is also well known for military and police work.

We can deliver or ship your puppy/dog to you anywhere in the world depending on your country requirements.

Our the finest large boned deep red and black German Shepherd Personal Protection Dogs and Puppies for Sale have natural excellent health and solid temperament for family companions (including small children) and elite protection are from VA BSZS Fathers, show/breeding quality.
All our dogs are fed with ORGANIC RAW FOOD DIET, which ensures excellent health and naturally strong immune system.

We do not have medical bills with exception of routine vaccinations and certifications. Strong immune system is capable on its own to defense the dog naturally from each and every disease.
Contact: Von Markgraf Germean Shepherds .
Location: Los Angeles, CA 90068
Phone: 323.209.5186
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