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The artists at California Wall Design create "couture" surfaces for interior and architectural projects. We design and install surfaces in Metals (Gold, Silver and Copper Leaf), Precious Metals, Gilded Plasters, and Hand-made Waxes. Deborah Jordan, our lead artist, began developing the chemical formulas for the leaf finishes and the wax formulas in 1989. The finishes are applied directly to walls, ceilings, canvas and accessories.

We work closely with interior designers and contractors to develop beautiful one of a kind finishes in gold, copper and silver leaf as well as our unique wax finish and our embedded gold leaf venetian plaster finish.The finishes, having developed over years and years, are carefully crafted onto vinyl. Unique custom wallpaper is always a good option to use when creating a new space.
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Location: Los Angeles, CA 91364
Phone: 310.857.4288
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