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Andrew Olefson – Founder NADACS
I have been a property owner and landlord for years. I own multiple small apartment buildings and warehouses. Most of the older apartment buildings in South Florida were pre-central AC design. In almost every case, they had a window unit in the window or through wall. I would replace them every couple of years and became exhausted with service calls. The window units cost more to repair then to replace, either way it would end having to address the same problem over and over. Around 2012, I started installing the minisplit AC systems in place of the window units. My tenants loved them! Minisplits were a little more expensive then the window units, but over time saved a bundle. Also my tenants experienced dramatic decreases in their electric bill! After resigning from my primary job, I wondered what was next. To my surprise, the answer was right in front of me. Its easy to be excited about a product you believe in.
Lou Witt – Technical Director

As a professional electrician, HVAC installer, and construction expert, my experience with minisplit systems dates back to the 90’s. I was always a huge fan of the product, but price points kept many clients from “buying” into them. There were only the name brands and they were pricy. After reconnecting with my old friend, Andrew, he told me his idea about an affordable and quality minisplit system. We vacillated over the idea for weeks and as in installer, we came up with all kinds of bells and whistles. The installation kit was my baby, and I am featured in the installation videos.
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