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Home Pros Guide has been operating since 2005, printing and distributing magazines to high-value single family homeowners. In our mission to expand our reach, we will provide our expertise to ambitious entrepreneurs that want to learn from the best.

Our business model has over a decade of proven operational business. Take your first step in this valuable opportunity today.

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Take advantage of the booming home improvement industry. Tap into the demand of single family homes that are actively looking for home improvement services and build your business today.

Benefits of Owning a Home Pros Guide Magazine

  • Convenient business hours

    Work exclusively business-to-business and make your own schedule.

  • Low overhead

    No major equipment and no inventory necessary.

  • Popular Market

    Take advantage of the major industry of home improvement services, from remodeling to handymen and all things home-related.

  • High Retention Rate

    Use our in-house system for customer acquisition and retention to acquire monthly and yearly contracts.

Claim Your Stake In The Ever-growing $400 Billion Home Improvement Industry

Take the opportunity to tap into the earning potential of home improvements.

Our business model taps into the booming field of home improvement services. Hundreds of thousands of high-value, single family homeowners across the United States are inspired to beautify their properties. Home improvement professionals are always looking to find jobs and new leads.

Enter Home Pros Guide, an agency that offers a full-color magazine showcasing stunning home renovations and reputable handymen, along with a robust website with Home Pros in every location. Home improvement clientele will happily pay for our all-in-one service to improve their brand’s reach. One or two new jobs easily pays for the ad.

Get your Home Pros Guide magazine started without the need for major equipment or inventory. Become the source of reputable, quality home professionals in your area and a trustworthy icon in your niche market. The business of growing business scales smoothly and easily with high retention.


$15,000 Spent on Home Improvements

The typical homeowner has a large budget dedicated to home renovations, repairs, and decor.


87% of Homeowners Hire Pros

When it comes to home improvement, most households will call a Home Pro for the job.


Over 100,000 High-Value, Single Family Homes

Increase your clients’ reach by advertising to hundreds of thousands of single family homes.


Hear from other businesses that have experienced our success.
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