Your vision on a accurate bathroom design of your dreams

by Home Pros Guide on Wed, Feb 6th Categories: bathroom, bathroom design, bathroom remolding (195 Views)

You spend a decent amount of time in the loo, and you want it to be the ultimate Zen oasis to make your lavatory lush and plush. The bathroom can actually be a deal breaker for some people.

A sparse bathroom can be relaxing: No clutter! Clean lines! But if the look is too bare, you'll end up with a space that simply doesn't work for everyday life, Let check over some tips about modern bathroom designs:

1. Bullnose the outside edges and exposed corners of the tile. Especially with natural stone or through-body product. This creates a more finished look to the tile job.

2. Consider a zero entry shower with a linear drain. They look modern and create a seamless look to the floor, thereby visually expanding the space.

3. New technology, such as steam showers, heated towel bars, heated floors, televisions mounted behind the mirrors, etc. are all extras that people are beginning to install in their bathrooms.

4. Design a beautiful and functional shampoo niche. Don’t stick one of those little pre-made corner shelves in your shower. Inset it into the wall. Build it out large, with some unique tiles. Make it a design feature.

5. Design a unique ledge somewhere, by the tub or by the sink. Use the countertop material to add just another unique touch.

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