Who Else Wants Luxurious Outdoor Spaces?

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Jealous of celebrities with beautiful balcony spaces or luxurious patios to lounge on? Have you always wanted to have a piece of heaven right outside your door?

Get your own peaceful, relaxing outdoor space to call your own! Whether that’s carving out a special place in your own yard, or cleaning up your small patio space, you’ll be able to make your personal getaway right outside!

Here’s our secrets to creating that cozy outdoor space to unwind in.


1. Find the right spot to call your “nook”

Make your space feel like a secretive, cozy spot that you can describe as a nook. Well-arranged nooks can make you feel private and secure, so you’ll feel like you’ll want to return to it every time you want to get away and destress!

Create intimate, enclosed spaces, or settle in a comfy corner with well-positioned chairs. Find a shaded spot under a tree. 

2. Get outdoor furniture that’s easy to work with

For the most flexibility, get lightweight chairs, tables, and other decor that you can easily move around. This will allow you to move your outdoor furniture to accommodate the changing seasons, or have a different change of pace throughout the year by rearranging your layout.


3. Decorate your walkway

Retreating to your outdoor getaway can be enhanced by adding more decor along the way! Plant soft, lush grass on the walkway from your home to your nook, or add smooth stepping stone platforms in a decorative pattern. Add outdoor lighting like torches or fairy lights for a beautiful effect!


4. Enclose your area with a screen

Ensure your privacy with a screen or division! To hide your nook, add a shaded screen over any openings around the area, or a divider made of long, sturdy material like bamboo or wood.


5. Add plants around you

No cozy getaway isn’t complete without a few potted plants! Add leafy foliage around you in new pots in a place that gets plenty of sunshine. If you don’t have time to water them, consider succulents or cacti, which also come in various sizes to incorporate into your area.

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