What to look for when buying a home.

What to look for when buying a home.


Such as:


  • Attractive price
  • Curb appeal (maintenance requirements, if any)
  • House size
  • Bedrooms size
  • Basement (finished or unfinished)
  • Garage (separate or attached)
  • Neighborhood Safety
  • Local Public Schools
  • Commute


Important things to get looked at by a professional


  • Attic (Damage to the roofs structure, animal droppings, and insulation)
  • Roofing (signs of leaks)
  • Foundation (cracks in the walls or door frames)
  • Siding (rotting wood or decay)
  • Bathrooms (leaks, mold, water pressure, plumbing & water damage)
  • Kitchen (same as the bathroom)
  • Electrical (check light switches and connections )
  • Heating and cooling systems (either it is central air conditioning or AC unit )


Buying a new home can be overwhelming, so you want to be certain and satisfied with the expensive purchase and long-term commitment you choose. 

Remember there are pros and cons to each house you consider.



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