What Are The Top Tips For Hiring A Handy Man?

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Tip #1. Ask for references:  When you've got a handful of options for the handyman, you know it is time to ask for references from your friends, family or even neighbors. That will narrow down the list. 

Tip #2. Test your handyman on smaller projects first:  As we go through our list of home improvement fixes to reach for the top priorities, we always start with the baby steps, and that's the same technique you should use for the handyman jobs. Assign them smaller projects, and examine if they complete it just the way you wanted it to be as they come on time and give you a taste of their expertise. Once they pass that test, you may move on to the more significant projects. 

Tip #3. Know what you want:  The more precise you are about your needs, the better your project will turn out. This happens because no one can read your mind, and you need to speak your mind to put your needs out there. For example, if you need to paint a kitchen wall, then discuss the type of paint you want, the number of coats of paints and if you want the hinges painted or not. If you do not communicate what you want, the contractor will think about the job from their perspective and judgment, and their decision might not meet your needs and desires. 

Tip #4. Check the previous reviews:  Ask the recent clients about their work and take some time out to call their former clients and ask for their opinion about that particular handyman. 

Tip #5. Ask for permits:  Most jobs do not require any permits, but that doesn't mean none of the jobs require permits. Some jobs require permits from the city or the country. Your handyman will pull permits for you, and then you need to play your part of the job because you don't want to violate any laws. 

Tip #6. Get estimates in written form:  Get all the details in the written form to have a guaranteed piece of writing. Make sure to write down all information in regards to the cost, material, schedule, and just everything in general. 

Tip #7. Watch out for door-to-door handymen:  Most door-to-door handymen are a scam. The professionals wouldn't need to solicit; rather, their work will speak for themselves. Beware of handymen who pressure you get to get building permits, cash in advance, or force you to make a quick decision. 

Tip #8. Don't choose the cheapest in town:  It would be much better if you avoid being frugal considering a handyman for an important home project. While looking for a professional handyman, there comes some cost - because, believe it or not, with the lowest pricing comes the risk of unprofessional work, and none of us want that to happen. 

Tip #9. Do not pay for upfront payment:  There is a high probability that if a handyman asks you for a down payment, even if it's just 10% of the total budget, that person would be a scam. A right expert would never ask you for any down payments, and if something gets out of the budget, then they will ask you to pay to the supplier directly. 

Tip #10. Check the insurance and license:  Many states have processes to get the handymen certified. One must check out the handymen's license and certifications. Make sure to see their expertise on a piece of paper.

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