What Are The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Grass

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You've been considering artificial grass for your home, but you are not fully sold. If you are tired of watering, fertilizing, and maintaining your lawn, you have a water shortage, or water bills are too high, you travel regularly, or you cannot afford to hire someone to look after your lawn, artificial grass may be a great fit for you. Here is a list of pros and cons to help with your decision. 


- Every year, many countries, including the US, will face a shortage of water. The states are tightening water policies. Artificial grass can reduce water usage and maintain the standards set by the homeowner’s association. This makes it eco-friendly and is light on your pocket, saving a couple of dollars from your water bill.

- The material used to make artificial grass are non-toxic and can resist any kind of torture such as digging by dogs and varmints, fading, stains, and fraying at the edges.

- The surface of artificial grass remains smooth throughout the year thanks to its Fall Soft technology, which helps protect you upon impact from a fall as high as 5 feet, unlike regular grass, which can develop dips and humps, and might cause injury to you or your children.

- Artificial grass is a great investment that gives you a good return on eradicating the expenses for lawn care. Also, it can boost the resale value of your home because of how beautiful it looks.


- The materials used to make artificial grass tend to hold more heat than natural grass, so it will make the surface temperature rise, causing your yard to heat up, and you may feel the burning sensation upon walking on your artificial lawn with bare feet.

- Although artificial grass does not catch fire, it can melt if burning charcoal falls on it or if the sunlight is way too intense. However, it can be repaired.

- The infills of artificial grass are more likely to hold odors, which is why if you do not clean it up, the odor will build-up.

- Artificial grass is not recyclable, and also it cannot absorb liquid like your pet urine or rainfall.

- Your state’s homeowner’s associations might not allow the installation of artificial grass.

- Fake grass is not 100% maintenance-free.

However, the most crucial thing to keep in mind before you consider all of the pros and cons is that there are different qualities of artificial grass. Product quality and installations play a vital role in determining how well your grass performs and how long will it last. 

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