Upgrade your laundry space!

Upgrade your laundry space! 

Your laundry room should be designed with four areas in mind: sorting, washing/ drying,

ironing, and folding/ hanging. With creative planning, you can pack a lot of utility into the smallest of spaces.

Ceramic tile or vinyl sheet are some of the best flooring choices for a laundry room.

With design and durability! Sheet vinyl is the most waterproof flooring option.

The adhesive is applied directly onto the subfloor and since there are no seams and cracks,

it makes it almost impossible for the floor to absorb water. Laundry walls must be waterproofed up to 150mm.

Clever ways to upgrade your laundry room

  • Brightly colored paint.
  • Incorporate plants and art.
  • Floating shelves.
  • Update lighting fixtures.
  • Transfer detergents, etc. into glass jars with labels.
  • Long countertops or tables for sorting.
  • Install decorative hooks, towel bars, ironing board, accordion drying racks, or closet rods.
  • Lastly a rug and a basket or two. 

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