What Types Of Bathroom Mirrors Can I Choose From?

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A mirror is not just a piece with reflective properties. It plays a significant part in giving your bathroom a finished, complete look. Mirrors also are a very important element when it comes to making a statement in your home’s décor. Consider the area where the mirror is to be placed and the bathroom style when you are choosing to buy a mirror for your bathroom. Choose the mirror that packs a two-in-one benefit, which serves both decorative and practical purposes.

1. Framed mirrors 

This type of mirror is notably the most basic, yet the most versatile. It has an extensive range of designs to choose from and can maximize the style of your bathroom. The frames also come in different designs, whether you are looking for a simple or highly fancy one.

2.Lighted mirrors 

The specialty of this type of mirror is that it has built-in lights and instantly gives you the perks of feeling like a celebrity. If your bathroom is low when it comes to lighting, then this type of mirror is the best option, as the light bulbs are already installed in the mirror.

3.Ledge mirrors 

If you don't have enough counter space to display your everyday products, your choice should be a ledged mirror, also known as shadow boxes. They have built-in shelves for holding your products like creams, lotions, soaps, or any other beauty product.

4. Frameless mirrors 

If your choice of style is minimalistic, then a frameless mirror is perfect because it is simple and has a buffed edge. This kind of mirror is best for modern bathrooms. 

5. Pivot mirrors

These mirrors are known for their flexibility since they are almost similar to the framed mirrors. You can tilt the mirrors as they are mounted to the wall by two hinged points.

6. Extension mirrors

Swingarm or extension mirrors are installed on a wall with an accordion mount. This is a perfect way out for those of you who are having cramped bathrooms because you can easily contract the mirror and extend it. 

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