Top 5 Tips on Where to Place Home Security Cameras

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If you have or you are looking for a security camera, you already know that security cameras can truly help stop home break ins and keep your family, and property safe from vandals and burglars. Whatever security camera you choose, its effectiveness can be influenced by where you place it. So knowing where to place security cameras around your home is extremely important. Catching thieves and criminals can only be done when your camera is put in the right location.

Here are four home security camera placement tips so you can know where to install home security cameras to maximize its effectiveness.

1. Install Surveillance Cameras at the Front Door-Around 44% of burglars enter through the front door, so you definitely need a security camera watching. Actually, this is the most important security camera placement outside home. Place your camera at second-floor level to avoid a burglar from knocking out your camera. If you only have one level, you could enclose your front door security camera in a mesh wiring to help protect it from tampering.

2. Locate Home Security Cameras at the Back Door- Up to 50% of thieves invade your house through the back door, so you would benefit from using a camera here. This includes side doors as well. Actually, you should attach security camera to every door you have in case of intrusion. Again, try to keep it out of the reach of humans or things they can throw at a camera.

3. Off-Street Windows- About 60% of the burglars will also break into a home by entering through a rear window, away from the view of the street. They decrease their chances of getting caught by being away from any cars passing by. So you can point a camera to off-street windows to keep those windows safe from thieves and vandals.

4. Other Places You May Consider to Put CCTV Cameras- After securing the front door, back door and off-street windows with security cameras, you have prevented about 80% of the burglars from breaking into your home. To make your home even safer, there are also some other places you may consider in the security camera layout: Garage, Basement, Second floor, Driveways.

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