Tips to Light Up Your Rooms

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These clever tricks banish dim interiors and dark corners, and usher natural light into the house
To illuminate a poorly lit home use a combination of these bright ideas to enjoy an improved result that’s like the difference between night and day.

Glass-paneled doors.

One of the most effective ways to let natural light flood into your home is to use glass-paneled doors. Whether you like the bold lines of steel-framed doors or prefer the traditional French doors, there is a design to suit every palette and position, both inside and out.

Adopt glass backsplashes.

Try using a window for your backsplash. Natural light will illuminate your countertops and provide important task lighting for cooking. Window backsplashes are possible when your kitchen butts up against an exterior wall. If yours runs along an interior wall, try using a mirrored backsplash instead.

Install clerestory windows.

We can’t always puncture a wall with a window at eye level, but clerestory windows can be equally effective in brightening up interiors. Clerestory windows sit high in your wall, and because they are positioned above your sightline, they rarely compromise your privacy. They are also especially effective in letting light into dim, excavated rooms.

Select white paint.

Paint your walls white and banish dark furnishings. While this is the first trick in the book, the glossier the paint is, the better it will diffuse light throughout your home. So opt for a satin finish on walls and use gloss or semigloss paint for the trim.

Create an atrium.

The sheer elegance of atriums is enough of a reason to try to incorporate one into any design. One of the best features about a large round skylight is the exquisite light play and shadows that transverse your interior over the course of a day.

Consider exterior glass walls.

For sites where privacy is not an issue, using floor-to-ceiling windows instead of walls will flood your interiors with light. Opt for double panes at least for insulation. If you are concerned that this may sacrifice your privacy, there are many inventive screening options that may still make it possible to enjoy exterior glass walls and some seclusion too.

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