Tips on How to Decide between Hardwood or Laminate Floors


Homeowners understand that the flooring of their home is one of its distinctive features. Depending on what type of floors you choose can significantly improve the market value of the home.  Before making the crucial decision on whether to go with real hardwood floors or laminate, there are a few thoughts to consider before making the final say.

All about Hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood floors are the most highly requested flooring type for homeowners across the U.S. with many options to choose from (such as oak, walnut, hickory, maple, and cherry).
  • Solid wood flooring can cost up to $5 - $10 per square foot including the installation, but the exact price varies.
  • Hardwood can be repaired by sanding imperfections and by refinishing making it last for years!
  • The best places to install hardwood floors are in the lower traffic rooms such as bedrooms and dining rooms to preserve the beautiful look and durability of the wood.
  • Keep in mind that sunlight could fade it because it is a natural product after all. Real hardwood floors will help your resale value in the long run!

All about Laminate floors:

  • Many new homes are installing laminate floors due to the fact that it offers a natural look similar to wood but at a much lower price point!
  • Laminate can cost close to $3-$7 per square foot including installation which is a whopping 50% less than hardwood (prices will vary of course).
  • It's made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. The image of hardwood is placed over the composite wood, covering it to form the laminate.
  • Excellent durability and the ability to resist scratches is a major selling point of this option.
  • Laminate is less susceptible to wear and tear from pets and foot traffic.
  • UV protection integrated into the surface provided on laminate flooring can help reduce discoloration from sunlight. Repairs are made simply by snapping together individual pieces!


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