The goal of having great lighting to highlight certain features of your living room.

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The purpose of lighting is to make your life easier – not the other way around.

While it is easily the most comfortable and versatile space in a home, its broad convenience can make it difficult to design and reach the pinnacle of form and function, especially when it comes to lighting. You may have heard of light layering, and the living room is a space where those layers are especially important.

Living rooms is a place where people chat with friends, spend time alone, read a book, listen to music, have a cup of coffee, and entertain visitors. Relaxation is the name of the game. There is a variety of light fixtures out there for you to choose from and they come in different designs

Here are some ideas for making sure your living room can accommodate its many functions.

> You always  have to consider the size of the room. For bigger living rooms, you need powerful lights that can light up the whole area. Smaller living rooms require lights that are not as powerful. The last thing you have to consider is the height of the ceiling. If your ceiling is a bit low, then you need to cross out chandeliers from your shopping list because it just takes too much head room.

> If your living room is used primarily for TV entertainment, consider the following layers of light for your space: 

Ambient Lighting- Dimmable overhead lighting is the way to go for general illumination. This will ensure that distracting hotspots stay out of your eyeline. Be sure to dim those overhead lights above or just in front of the television to prevent off-putting over-lit surfaces.

Task Lighting- Minimal task lighting is needed. A reading or table lamp positioned behind your seat might be useful when navigating your remote control.

Accent Lighting- Accent lighting should be kept to a minimum as the wall washes and shadow-casting they create are attention-grabbing by design and will, thus, hinder your otherwise immersive television-watching experience.

>Efficiency in light fixtures is a measure of how much light escapes the fixture versus how much light is produced by the source. For example, if a bare compact fluorescent source provides 1000 lumens but, when installed in a fixture, only 600 lumens escape, the fixture is 60% efficient. Significant variations can exist from different manufacturers and within each light source.

>Firelight- There's nothing like firelight to connote coziness and romance, and this living room makes the most of it; in addition to the blazing hearth, candles amassed on a tray suspended from the ceiling add a cheerful glow. The room's rustic furnishings and exposed beams complement the firelight's nostalgic feel.

>Create an Overall Glow-If your room is large or lacking in natural light, a single ceiling fixture may not be enough. Consider using multiple overhead sources, such as recessed lighting paired with a pendant.

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