Sunrooms are common additions because they support a casual lifestyle and add flexible living space

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Sunrooms add plenty of natural light into adjacent interiors, provide gorgeous views of the yard landscaping, offer comfortable retreats from the cold or rain, create bright living spaces to relax and unwind in the evening.

Natural materials, from concrete, bricks, wood and floor tiles, offer beautiful flooring ideas. Creative and original floor decoration with mosaic tiles or attractive brick patterns can add charming details to sunroom design.

Below are some notes on where to start on your in home sunroom design.

Stick With Bright Colors- Dark colors draw in heat, so a sunroom spattered with blacks, browns or navy blues can feel like an oven on a sweltering summer day. Always look for lighter colors like green, yellow or white for your cushions. Not only will it save your skin but it’ll also give it a more outdoorsy feel.

Spice It Up- Don’t be afraid to add decorations to your design! A lot of sunrooms end up looking bare because they contain only the bare essentials. Hang drapes, add lighting for nighttime enjoyment and feel free to hang paintings on the glass walls if you so desire.

Window Wisdom. Unsurprisingly, windows are the most important part of the sunroom. Make sure to do your research and discuss your sunroom with a building materials expert and your local department of building and safety to ensure you make the best window glass purchase. 

Maintain the surrounding landscaping. Surrounding trees and bushes can damage the exterior of the sunroom if you don’t trim them regularly. Tree branches can scratch the roof and windows, pollen can stain the windows and fallen leaves will clog up the gutters.

Add Interior And Exterior Finishes- To add curb appeal to your home you might consider designing something more suitable than giant glass box on the side of your house. Instead, add interior and exterior finishes that match the design of the rest of your home. As much as you might like to let your creativity run wild, remember that you might have to sell the house someday and a bare or oddly colored sunroom could be an eyesore that brings down the value.

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