How Can I Replace My Popcorn Ceiling?

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Popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past. They were popular in homes built during the 1960's and slowly decreased in demand in the 1990's. Having a popcorn ceiling can make your home look outdated. They can be removed or covered to make your home feel more modern.  Here are five options for replacing your popcorn ceiling.

Remove It

Scrape the popcorn from your ceiling and repaint it once all the popcorn is removed.

Dry Wall

Skip the removal process and cover your popcorn ceiling with dry wall. Once it is covered you can paint it with any color to make your ceiling stand out.

Wood Planks

Wood plank ceilings give a farmhouse feel to a home. You can lay the wood pieces in different shapes or designs.

Ceiling Tile

There are a plethora of ceiling tiles to choose from. From solid colors to funky designs, ceiling tiles allow you to create the space you have always dreamed of with a hint of detail from your ceiling.

Ceiling Fabric

An easy way to cover your popcorn ceiling is adding fabric over it. You can lay it down smooth or create beautiful drapery.


Whichever option you choose to cover your popcorn ceiling, the possibilities are endless with the different styles and patterns on the market.


Note: Removing popcorn ceilings yourself can be hazardous to your health. The material used to create these ceilings can contain asbestos that can release TOXIC dust if it is broken down.  If you are not sure, it is best to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL . 

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