Establishing An Online Presence For Your Business Is Not A Luxury These Days - It's A Necessity

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When you set up your home improvement business, you not only need a physical address, but a home on the internet too. Since you offer the services you perform in person, you may wonder why. According to Google, 97% of customers start their search for businesses online these days. Still wondering why an online presence is necessary?


Why Do You Need A Website?


Your website can effectively pre-sell you and what you offer. When a customer is interested in your business, they want to know some specifics, such your hours, your prices, your length of time in business, and whether you can do exactly what they need. If your potential customer finds three other sites that provide all the information they're looking for (and your site doesn't), it is highly unlikely you'll be receiving a call from that customer.


Consumers are demanding these days; they want to find what they're looking for fast, and they want the information they need to be delivered quickly, easily and in an organized manner. They're not going to jump through hoops to give you their business.


Creating A Website Is Easy


Creating a simple website for your home improvement business is easy. You can procure custom design services or use a template from companies such as GoDaddy, 1and1, or WordPress that offer a home improvement theme. You can add your own photos and information to these sites.


Whether you hire out the job or do it yourself, you should consult with (and maybe hire) an online marketing company to assure that you have your site built on the proper keywords. You want people to find you! Google keeps changing the rules for how this happens, so acquiring some professional expertise might be worth your while.


Know What Your Site COULD Have:


Your site should have the basics about where you are, what you do, and when you're open, but your website can offer so much more:

  • You can explain your services in great detail, even down to specific brands you install or the work you do. If you specialize in mobile home repair, you can emphasize how choosing a contractor familiar with mobile homes is a better choice than a general repair service.

  • You can offer general and more specific information about the processes you use, alternative ways of doing it, and the pro's and con's of different methods. If you offer faux painting, you can describe the finishes and where to use them, plus add pictures to show what faux painting looks like.

  • You can personalize the site so potential customers can familiarize themselves with you. By adding pictures and describing your experience on your About Page, you can add a human touch to your business. People want to know that you are a lifelong community resident and had 15 years of home repair experience even before you opened the doors of your own company.

What Your Site Absolutely SHOULD Have:

  • Your site should have a Contact Us Page that lists your name, address, email, cell, website, and social media links so the visitors have several ways to contact you. Make sure to list your name, address, and phone number the same as you have it on your business cards, stationary, and other materials.

  • In today's digital age, a lot of people prefer online and email communication over a phone conversation. Before they waste their time talking to you, many customers want a quick way to contact you to see if you're a potential candidate. Therefore it is highly recommended to have a contact form on your site so that visitors can quickly send you a message. Be sure to follow-up! This mode of contact is just as important as the phone ringing.

Why Bother To Add More Than The Basics To Your Site?


Current research indicates that most people visit a website several times before deciding to buy. The more relevant content you have, the more reason they have to come back. Having an attractive, useful website can give you the competitive edge in securing one-time and recurring business.


In today's online business environment, setting up a website for your home improvement business is easy and necessary.

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