Make your design ideas become reality!, Choosing the best window covering for your home

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Window coverings seem like the most basic of home elements, but not one we really put a lot of thought into. However, when chosen carefully, window treatments can make a world of difference in your enjoyment of your home, and even affect things like the longevity of your furniture, the quality of sleep you’re getting at night and even the amount of your energy bills. Here is some advice on window treatment for your home.

*Solar shades to reduce glare and harmful UV rays- Another benefit of solar shades is that they are easy to clean with a wet cloth. Select from a variety of textures and fabrics, including eco-friendly bamboo and hemp blends for your home. Strip away heavy window coverings and replace them with simple shades, everyone has their own particular shade and no one seems to want a lot of fabric.

*Window Coverings are Energy Efficient & Save You Money- Draperies, some curtains, shutters and certain blinds provide insulation – especially important if your windows are older. Keep out unwanted cold and heat, and keep your AC-cooled air from going out the window. By controlling the temperature, you also ensure that different parts of your home don’t become uncomfortable from direct sunlight or cold drafts.

*Window Coverings Provide Privacy & Safety- No one is going to feel relaxed in their home, thinking that someone outside is staring at them – no matter how much we love our neighbors. Not to mention, you really don’t want people looking straight into your bedroom or bathroom. Especially if you travel often, for work or leisure, making sure your window coverings don’t allow people to see straight in becomes a safety measure you can’t afford to skip.

*Your Home Looks More Finished and Professionally Designed-Even if you didn’t work with an interior designer on your whole home style, our designers will work with you to make sure your window coverings are a perfect fit for your architecture and your style. Uncovered windows make spaces look unfinished, while carefully chosen window coverings can add charm, elegance, sophistication or even soften an otherwise-hard lined space. The end result will be a much more upscale and complete appearance to every room.

*Increase Your Home’s Value with Custom Window Coverings- Quality, custom-made window coverings stand out from DIY-window coverings for a reason. They’re tailor made for the exact space they fit into. Whether that’s shutters custom-fit for your window or draperies that are installed perfectly and hover just an inch off the floor, you can’t really get the same results with out-of-the-box options.

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