Let your personal style spread to your outdoor space.

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Carving out the right area for an outdoor dining table should be viewed as an opportunity to design a space around your lifestyle, rather than designing your lifestyle around the space.

‚ÄčNo matter the size of your patio, you can create a beautiful outdoor space by following these helpful tips.

1. Refinish the Patio Floor or Deck- It’s important to ensure you have a good blank slate to work with. If you have a wood deck patio – consider staining or painting it. Before applying stain or paint, make sure your deck has been cleaned properly with a deck cleaner

2. Arrange Patio Furniture to Encourage Socializing- Now that your patio is looking shiny and new, it’s time to add some furniture. Think of a patio as an outdoor living room. You want comfortable seating that encourages conversation and flow. For simple patio designs, keep it classic. We love the timeless arrangement of a sofa and two chairs. Place the sofa along the longest wall, and place the chairs in a pair facing the sofa. This arrangement creates a cozy conversation area.

3. Define the Space with a Privacy Screen- Patio designs for small spaces, or large, sometimes require a privacy screen. Not only do they add coverage, but a screen or wall will help define the patio space and add decoration. 

4. Accessorize!- You shouldn’t hesitate to decorate an outdoor space just as you would an indoor space. Add stylish throw pillows to the furniture for extra comfort. If your patio is against the house, consider a decorative wall hanging or vertical garden.

5. Create Ambiance with Lighting -Finally, a good porch needs lighting. Nighttime gatherings will be a very somber affair without the right lights. String lights add a festive element to any gathering. Or for a more professional look, install energy-efficient LED deck step lights for stairs and pathways. If your patio is surrounded by trees and shrubs, consider adding landscape lighting.


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