Let your observation be your guide to chose what tile best fits your home

Many people will probably worry about the appearance of the tile considering that is the first thing they see walking in their home. It should be only a question is what combinations of color, pattern, size, spacing, and  layout are impressive, but once you find tiles you like, how do you know they’re going to fit your home décor style? Choosing a tile floor for your home can be intimidating.

Find out how these elements combine to create a flooring surface that best complements your living space.

Location- Not all tile suits every room in your house. Your first choice for tile should be one that is safe and practical for your floors, After you’ve chosen the best type of tile for your floor, think about the color you want to convey.

Color- Color influences the overall attitude of your home and each room, which makes choosing the color of your tiles important. To make a room look larger, choose lighter hues. Cream and pastel flooring tiles will make your narrow walkway or guest room seem larger.

Pattern- For a subtle look, use stone-patterned tiles, which can match many décor types. Be sure, however, that your stone pattern has a style that won’t clash with your home’s personality.  With today’s technology, flooring tiles are available in many affordable patterns to complement your home’s interior design.

Size- The pattern on your floor tiles influences not only the look of a room, but also its size. With tile flooring, size matters. Large tiles make small areas seem more expansive, making them a safe bet for most rooms. Small tiles can make a room feel more intimate, but these tile sizes should be used with caution.

Layout- To draw attention to your floors, choose a bold layout like Herringbone or Versailles. While complicated layouts can add interest to small areas, they can become busy in large rooms.

Spacing- Once you’ve chosen the type, color, pattern, size, and layout of your floor tiles, it’s time to install them. Think about how the spacing of your tiles can influence your floor’s appearance.

Choosing the right tile flooring might seem complicated, with the combinations of texture, color, pattern, size, layout, and spacing to consider. By going through your choices step by step and thinking carefully about the look you want for your home, you can select the right tile for your floors. Functional and beautiful, there’s a place for tile flooring in your home that suits your personal style.

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