How to replace a rotting fence.

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Does your fence have a damaged section in need of repair?

When should I repair or replace my wood fence?

Frist when more than a quarter of the boards have rotted, it may be best to replace rather than repair.

If so, then it's time to call a pro.

Here's how to replace rotted wood.

Identify the area of concern, begin removing damaged or rotted wood, using a handsaw or pry bar.

Then replace with new wood and nails lining up with the existing fence.

How often do wood fences need to be replaced?

it's best to replace your wooden fence every 10 years or so.  Choose rot-resistant wood to keep the life and look of your fence for years to come. 


How can you protect your wooden fence from rotting?

Apply preservative to the wood. 

Chooses a stain or sealant with a UV inhibitor to help keep the wood from turning gray. Let the wood dry for about a week before applying an oil-based stain, sealant, or latex paint.

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