How to refinish hardwood floors!

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How to refinish hardwood floors!

Start With:

  • Remove all furniture from the room. 
  • Spray and Clean the floors with a hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Wipe down the floors with a towel-wrapped mop or terry-cloth mop.
  • You'll need to keep dust contained by closing doors and windows.
  • Prep the perimeter of your room using 180-grit sandpaper, hand-sand paper is best to reach all the nooks that a buffer can't reach.
  • Rub with the grain 4 to 6 inches out from the baseboards. finish dull and let a powder form.
  • Scuff-sand the floor finishing using a maroon buffing pad, (Don't forget a dust mask)
  • Move the buffer in the direction of the grain from side to side, overlapping each course by 5 to 6 inches.
  • You'll see where you've covered due to the powder you'll see.
  • Make sure to keep the buffer moving at all times, But stop every 5 or 6 minutes to vacuum the pad.
  • After your done buffering leave the room for 10 to 15 minutes to let the dust settle.
  • sweep the floor, using a felt-bottomed attachment.
  • work in a line with the floorboards 1st then moves across to get any dust that was left in the creases.
  • Then dry-rack the floors using a microfiber cloth. make sure to push with the grain.

Time to Poly:

Make sure to cover your shoes with booties before starting and Don't forget a mask that has a respirator that has organic vapor canisters.

Strain your finish through a cone filter into a clean plastic can/ bucket then pour the strained finish into a clean spastic container.

Start at the farthest point of the room from the exit door, brushing about a 3-inch-wide stripe beside the baseboards.

Try to move quickly to keep the edges wet, this will help to prevent lap marks, due to the finish drying. It's good to stop every 10 minutes to pour out a 1-inch-wide stripe of finish in line with the grain.

Using a long-hand roller with a 1/4-inch nap cover, rolling the finish with the grain and then across.

Make sure to overlap to keep wet edges. continue until the floor is covered.

Wait 3 hours before recoating and a week before putting back furniture.


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