How often should your windows be cleaned?

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There are several reasons why you should keep your windows clean. The first and most important reason is the lift in appearance they give to your home or your office. Clean windows can help you make a magnificent first impression.  If you have well-maintained, clean windows, your house will appear clean and well maintained. The same goes for your business.


How often should your windows be cleaned? It depends on the local weather conditions and your personal preferences. If you own a business, it’s recommended that your windows be cleaned at least twice a month. If you own a home, you might be able to get away with cleaning your windows twice a year.

Your local weather conditions will have a say in if you should clean your windows more than twice a year. If you live near the sea, the salt can stick to and corrode your windows, so it’s a good idea to clean your windows once a month or so.

Your personal preferences will also decide the frequency. Some people like the dark, gloomy feel that comes with smudgy windows, while others prefer their windows to be crystal clear all the time. If you have a marvelous view in front of you and you love sitting by the window and staring out all the time, you should clean your window more often. Alternatively, if a window is occupying a corner of the house and is overlooking a dank alley, you don’t need to clean it that often.

Inside and Out

If you are cleaning your windows from the outside of the home, the inside of the windows should be cleaned first, and vice versa. This is because opening a window will leave streaks behind, which can be wiped off later on your side.

Regularly cleaning your windows will keep them sparkly, prolong their lifespan and help your house or business look clean and welcoming.

Grimy windows can be depressing, whether they’re present at your office or home. Clean windows that let you see the beauty of the garden around your house, or a view of the buildings outside can do wonders for your mood and comfort levels.


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