How Can I Set Up A Home School Room?

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With the current pandemic, parents around the world have had to make the tough decision of either homeschooling their children or sending them back to school. In some states, where schools remain closed, students do not have the option to sit in a classroom and are required to participate in virtual learning systems. Even though this form of learning isn't ideal (for some people) , you can still bring a little of the classroom atmosphere into your home. Here are a few ideas on how to set up an at-home classroom.

  • Create a designated learning area- An office, an empty walk-in closet, a clear space in the corner of a room, your loft, etc. are all great spots for your homeschool classroom. 
  • Add comfortable furniture- Sitting in the same area all day can become boring very quickly. Incorporate flexible seating options to your space. Opt for a desk with a chair, bean bag chairs, couches, stools, or even a carpet to sit and lay on.
  • Storage- Extra space in your home can be very minimal. Storage bins, baskets, shelves, etc. are a great place to store items when they are not being used.
  • Stock up on school supplies- Just because your child's teacher is on the computer screen doesn't mean they will not need supplies. They will need to write down notes or solve problems on paper. Also, having things like crayons and markers will allow your child to get creative if art classes and creative activities aren't being assigned.
  • Decorate- Pin your child's artwork or assignments to the wall. Hang up charts with colors, alphabets, the world map, the anatomy of a skeleton, etc. What is added to your walls will depend on your child's grade level along with what they are learning in class.


The possibilities are endless when creating a classroom in your home. These temporary classroom solutions are great while your child is learning from home, but can also be used after the pandemic is over as great study space. We hope everyone has an amazing school year and continues to be safe!

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