How Can I Decorate My Small Patio?

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Just because your patio is small does not mean you cannot enjoy it.  A patio is a great place to lounge while enjoying the outdoors. With the right furniture and decor you can transform any small patio into a tranquil hideaway. Try these idea's to convert your patio into your your own backyard escape.

Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

Go for furniture that doubles in function. A small outdoor ottoman can be used for seating or as a table to hold drinks. Having multiple functions for one piece also saves space without having multiple pieces crowding your patio.


Create a space that is great for relaxing, but add some pieces that can turn it into a great entertainment space for when guests visit. Some items to consider are bar carts and fire pits.

Add color

Make your patio stand out by adding color. Decorative pillows and outdoor rugs are great pieces to add.


Lighting can really enhance the beauty of your patio. String lighting hung throughout your patio is the perfect addition. It also, allows you to enjoy your patio at night and gives a sense of safety by lighting up the surrounding area.


If you would like some extra privacy, adding curtains around your patio will help.


Bring life to your patio with plants. Plants can also add color, bring privacy, and enhance the beauty of your patio.

Remember the size of your patio should not discourage you from creating your own backyard escape. You can show case your own personal style with endless patio designs. 

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