Have The Best Lawn on the Block with 5 Essential Tips

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Landscaping can be daunting, and missing one day of it can make your grass grow out of control into a ruly mess. Having a well-kept lawn can accentuate your exterior as a whole, reflecting well on your home and the homeowner for doing a job well done!

 Follow these 5 essential tips to taking care of your lawn, and you’ll experience the benefits of a picturesque yard with your home!

  1. Water Your Lawn

One of the basic elements your grass needs to thrive is water! If you want a healthy, green lawn, you have to make sure to water your lawn. However, you might not need as much water as you think.

As the seasons change, be mindful of the weather. Rainy days mean you can save water and a few dollars off of your water bill, while hot, sunny days might require you to provide more water to compensate for the heat evaporating the water your lawn is losing. Always be aware of the weather and how much water your lawn receives!


  1. Keep Up with Weeding

If you don’t want pesky, ugly weeds to take over your yard, take care of them before they start growing! Make a plan to prevent weed growth: survey your lawn and concrete for cracks and crannies where weeds can grow, spray them with weed killer, and repeat every other week to prevent any weeds from sneaking in.


  1. Don’t Cut Too Short

While you mow your lawn, try not to cut the grass too short! 

If the grass becomes too short, it might expose the soil to the elements, which might open up opportunities for weeds and pests to take root in your yard and making it a challenge for your lawn to grow back to normal.

  1. Mow When It’s Dry

There’s several reasons that mowing your lawn while the grass is dry is better than mowing it when it’s wet, whether it’s after passing rain or if the sprinkler just went off to water your yard. Here’s a list of risks you run if you mow a wet lawn:

  • Wet grass clippings can clump together on your lawn mower.

  • Grass clumps can lead to uneven cuts, or even patches of dead grass caused by grass clumps covering your lawn.

  • There might even be a chance of slipping on the wet grass, which can be dangerous during your mowing routine.

It’s wise to wait until your grass is dry to mow it, to save yourself the risks that come with cutting wet grass.


  1. Mix Up Your Mowing Patterns

If you have a particular mowing trail pattern across your lawn that you use too often, you might be doing a little harm to your yard’s soil bed. If you use a push mower, the wheel’s trails can press down and compact the soil over time, which may make it difficult for grass to grow. Mowing in a certain way too often might cause your grass to develop a grain, growing slanted and leaning in a certain way instead of straight up.

When you go to mow your lawn, try traveling a different path across your yard every time! If you cut the grass in one direction, cut it in the opposite direction in a few weeks. Switch between vertical row patterns and horizontal patterns as you mow your lawn so you don’t leave a permanent mowing trail on your lawn.

These 5 tips might sound like a handful, but they’re really not! Be on top of your lawn so it can be a lively accessory to your home and yard!

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