General points on Hard Flooring

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Hard floors are becoming more popular as people are starting to focus on a healthy home.

Learning how to clean hardwood floors is essential for protecting and maintaining your beautiful investment. Since dirt and grime can’t hide on hardwood floors like they can on carpet, cleaning your floors may seem. However, once you establish your own routine, the best way to clean hardwood flooring won’t seem so difficult.


Doormats should be placed at every entrance of your home. This will keep sand, grit and dirt from being tracked into the home. These are very abrasive materials, and can scratch and ruin hard floor surfaces.

Once a Week

Clean your hard floors at least once a week using a sweeper, a dust/dry mop, or a hard floor cleaner and wood floor cleaner. By sticking to this routine, abrasive materials will not be able to collect on the surface, and your floors should keep a shine much longer.


When spills occur, clean them up immediately. This will keep substances from staining the floor or grout, and will save you the trouble of having to remove a stain from your floor later on. Clean spills on hard floors using a damp towel and warm water, or if necessary a cleaning solution made specifically for your type of floor. Never use abrasive cleaners on your hard floor.


Avoid dragging heavy furniture across your hard floor as this can cause scratches. If you can’t elevate the entire piece of furniture, use a soft glide underneath the furniture to allow it to move easier.


Place a rug in front of a sink in rooms that have hard floors. Hard floors can become very slippery when they are wet, and a rug will keep water from forming a puddle on the floor.


Along with protecting the surface, hardwood finishes imbue floors with color and luster. Much commercially available hardwood comes prefinished, which simplifies installation and eliminates dust, chemical fumes, and waiting time. These factory-applied finishes generally have a longer warranty as they are longer lasting and more durable than site-applied finishes.

Some homeowners prefer site-finished floors due to the wider selection of stain colors and the opportunity to hone the surface and even out imperfections after the boards are in place.

While solid hardwood can be repeatedly refinished, engineered hardwood flooring can only be refinished a limited number of times. That's because the thickness of the top veneer varies. However, prefinished engineered floors are quite durable, generally eliminating the need for frequent refinishing.

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