DIY Backsplash

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DIY Backsplash

Bring style to your Backsplash!

How do you tile a backsplash?

Tiling a backsplash above the counter is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old kitchen or bathroom.

Materials you'll need:

  • Tile,
  • Grout,
  • Floor and tile spacers,
  • Painters tape,
  • Cleaning rags or sponge,
  • Tile and grout sealers

Tools you'll need:

  • Manual tile cutters,
  • Wet tile saws and blades,
  • Mortar and grout mixers,
  • Tap measures,
  • Trowels and floats.

To start:

  • Measure your wall to determine the amount of tile you'll need.
  • Make sure to take outlets and switches into account when tilling.
  • Prepare the materials to tile your backsplash.
  • Prep your workspace (patching holes & sanding, clearing surrounding area)
  • Layout your backsplash design.
  • Mark your starting and endpoints.
  • Apply mortar, spreading a thin layer.
  • Begin with the bottom row and work your way outward and upward from there.
  • Repeat tiling backsplash, using spacers!
  • If the space between the top row of tiles and cabinetry is greater than an inch.
  • Cut extra tile pieces to fit the spaces. If the gap is smaller, consider a piece of molding to hide it.
  • Finish the last row of tile.
  • Grout backsplash tile.
  • Caulk edges of backsplash and between the last row of tile and counter.
  • Let set and dry!

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