Deciding on a floor tile color that best suits your home

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Choosing the right tile color for your floors can be a difficult decision. With the wide variety of shades, hues, and designs, it can be tricky to choose what's best for your dwelling. There are many factors that affect your final outcome. Knowing what they are and how they apply will prepare you to make the best possible choice when you choose a floor tile color. Here a few notes on how to choose the best tile for your home

1. Consider the size of room before choosing a color. Floor tile colors in light hues, such as cream and pastels, can make a small room look larger. Light tile colors are good choices for a guest bathroom or narrow hallway. Dark floor tile colors, in rich chocolates, burnt sienna and variegated navy tones, look best in large areas like kitchens with an open floor plan and plenty of light.

2. Choose floor tiles that match the style of your home. Vivid colors such as black, white or purple are more matched to a modern home. Terracotta and rustic or pastel colors are more suited to older homes or ranch houses.

3. Consult a color wheel for combinations. Create a vibrant statement by choosing colors that are opposite on the color wheel. For example, in a room where you like to entertain, contrast a terra cotta tile with a rich blue wall color to give the room energy. In a room where you want to relax, choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. The tone-on-tone colors will create a more tranquil feeling.

4. Choose between varied, complex tiles or simple, one-shaded tiles. Multi-color tiles are more eye-catching and will draw attention away from other points in the room, whereas plain, matching tiles will focus attention on and accent furniture and other decorations.

5. Choose lighter colors and shades for smaller, more compact rooms to make the room appear more spacious. Likewise, choose dark shades to make rooms appear smaller, and overly large rooms appear cozier.

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