Build a Pallet wall over Drywall

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 Build a pallet wall over drywall


To Start:

  • Paint the wall you'll be attaching your pallets to. It will prevent light from showing through the cracks and give a wonderful finished look.
  • Select a safe pallet to work with. (Single-use pallets)
  • Never use stained or painted pallets. Due to the possibility of harmful chemicals. It's good to use raw wood pallets and to stain and paint yourself.
  • Even though your pallets may look clean it's always good to sanitize and clean before you bring them into your home. Using high-pressure power wash, watch the dirt & grime spray away!
  • Spray in even strokes to prevent grooves and splinters.
  • Using a reciprocating saw with a 12'' construction blade, you can easily cut through the nails when taking apart your pallets.
  • To assemble your wall, use a stud finder and trace a pencil line in the middle of each stud.
  • A nail gun is the fastest way to attach your pallet to the wall, Use a finish nailer, with nails that are at least twice the thickness of your pallet wood. Put the ends of each piece as tightly together as possible so you have no gaps.


Before starting, bring pallet wood pieces into the room you'll be hanging them in for a few days before installation. Wood shrinks and expands due to the air temperature and humidity. This will give the wood time to adjust to the temperature of the room.

When designing your pallet wall think of different angles such as vertically, horizontally, and diagonal. 

For a rustic look, go with different wood species, sizes, and thickness, staggering joints as you go.

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