7 Critical Tips to Keep Your Pool Tidy

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Having a pool can be a homeowner's dream, but with great home features come great responsibility. Swimming pools of all sizes need to be maintained, or else your dream of a pool can become a nightmare! Who wants to worry about dirty water, algae or broken filters?


Here's 7 essential tips to making your life easier when maintaining your pool!



1. Skim and Scrub Your Pool!

Skim the surface of your pool daily to clean out any leaves or debris. But also don’t forget to scrub the sides of your pool to prevent algae growing in the grout of your tiles or other small crevices! Scrubbing your pool walls can be a bi-weekly affair -- doing so every other week should do the trick!


2. Clean Out Your Filter Basket Once a Week

Stray leaves, bugs or other debris can accumulate in your pool’s filter basket, so make sure you clean this out once a week minimum! If you want to keep your pool running in top shape, also clean out your filtration system’s pipes by backwashing it once a month! Once you start backwashing your filter, make sure it ejects all the waste particles from the waste pipe until the water runs clear.


3. Use this Tennis Ball Life Hack to Keep Your Water Clean!

Anyone swim in your pool recently? People can leave traces of sunscreen and naturally-produced body oils in your pool after a dip in your pool, which can accumulate and leave a slick oily sheen on the water’s surface. This can be solved with an item you’d least expect to help you keep your pool clean: a tennis ball!

Toss your tennis ball and let it float around. The tennis ball’s fibers will soak up and absorb the oils left in your pool, keeping your pool clean!


4. Keep Your Water Levels in Check

Whenever visitors come diving and splashing into your pool or storms rain down and add water to your pool, make sure to keep your pool at the right water level afterwards! The best water level for your pool is halfway up the opening of your pool skimmer.

Need more water? Add some water in with a garden hose. And if you have too much water, you can rent a submersible pump from a local home improvement store to drain the extra water out.


5. Run Chemical Tests on Your Pool Water

Get a few pool testing kits from a local pool store to test out the chemical makeup of your pool water! The testing kits are fairly easy to understand with straightforward instructions of tubes to fill and color-changing solutions to add. 

Find the right balance of chemicals for your pool so your pool can be perfectly safe for swimming in, avoiding eye and skin irritation while keeping out bacteria!


6. Pressure Wash the Patio!

Your patio surrounding your pool is just as important as the pool itself! Get your patio to match your sparkling pool by pressure washing the ground. You can rent a pressure cleaning machine from a local home improvement store or hire a professional pressure cleaner to do the job for you. 

By pressure cleaning off all the rust, dirt or weather-related stains every so often, your deck will stay bright, fresh and clean, which will look great next to a pool that is well-maintained!


7. Get a Pool Professional For Annual Check Ups

Sometimes there can be little issues that only an expert can catch. Pool professionals know how to best diagnose your pool’s mechanical parts, from the pumps to the filters to the heating systems, all the intricacies that make your pool tick. 

Have a pool expert come by once a year to check if your pool is working as intended!

Taking care of a pool might seem like a lot of hard work, but keeping these 7 essential tips in mind can help take the confusion and guesswork out of how to maintain your pool, and give you more time to relax in the water this year!

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