5 Tips For Making A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Getting ready for your day in a small bathroom can feel troublesome. Bumping into things and feeling as if the bathroom is always cluttered can become frustrating.  One way to physically make your bathroom bigger is to hire a contractor to expand the room. Sometimes, that is not an option. Here are five tips to make your bathroom appear bigger without having to expand it.

1. Paint The Walls A Bright Color
Dark paint on walls absorbs light in a room which makes space appear smaller. Lighter, brighter colors brighten up space. It gives the illusion of wider walls, a brighter area, and a bigger room. When choosing a paint color for your wall here are some colors to consider: white, soft pink, light blues, light greens, lavender, pale yellow, peach, or cream.

2. Create Hidden Storage Space
Even the slightest thing such as the towel rod you hang your towel on can make your small space look smaller. Instead of adding extra storage pieces into your bathroom, keep everything neatly organized under your sink or in your linen closet. You can even remove the towel rod on your wall and put a hook behind your door for your wet towels. Having fewer things sticking out will make your bathroom feel bigger.

3. Add More Lights
Brighten up your space by adding light. The lighting in your bathroom will help it to seem larger. Go for light fixtures that are not bulky. If you have a window in your bathroom let the natural lighting shine in your bathroom. Instead of using dark heavy curtains, use sheer curtains or no curtains at all.

4. Add Mirrors
Mirrors reflect light which makes your bathroom brighter and appears bigger. Use a large mirror above your bathroom counter. If you are on a budget or cannot change the mirror over your sink, add smaller mirrors on the other walls in your bathroom.

5. Minimal Decorations
Decorations can make your bathroom visually appealing, but too much can cause it to feel cluttered. Add fresh flowers or plants and a soap dish. Remember less is more and adding too much decoration is not always a good thing.

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