5 Great Tips to Make Your Home Back-to-School Ready

It’s that time of year again!

The Back-To-School season can be a big adjustment, not just for you and your family, but for activities around the house as well! Reorganize your home, make it work for your family’s lifestyles, and be prepared for what’s to come with the new school year!

Follow these 8 great tips to prep your home for the school year!

  1. Make your entryway school-ready!

Whether it’s the front door or your garage, your entryways will be a critical point for your whole family. Keep everyone organized by best utilizing your home’s main entrances and exits!

Use tables or shelves for shoes and backpacks, along with hooks or hanging racks for coats or jackets. Keep a bowl or basket near the entrance to easily drop off and pick up key items like wallets or keys. Adding a pinboard or a dry erase board in the entrance area can give your whole family a central hub to add notes so you won’t forget anything important before you leave the house!

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  1. Organize your kitchen workflow!

Reduce the chaos of last-minute lunches or dinner prep after an exhaustive day! Depending on your family’s lifestyle and preferences, organize your kitchen to best suit everyone’s kitchen routines!

Create sections for you and your children to do food prep, both in the fridge and in the cabinet or pantry shelves. Keep items like easy-to-eat snacks in baskets for your kids to pick up after school and when prepping lunch bags for a new day. Keep your kitchen workstations separate from the sections created for your kids to enjoy an optimal kitchen workflow!

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  1. Straighten out the laundry room

Your laundry room will see more use now that school is in session, especially if your kids play any sports or have a field day outdoors during recess or gym class! Turn this room into a one-stop laundry hub with organization tips!

Have separate hampers or laundry baskets for each of your family members so they can sort their own laundry every day. Have all your laundry essentials, like your detergent and dryer sheets, together in an out-of-the-way but easy-to-access area. Think about making a laundry schedule that works for your family to keep traffic to and from the washer and dryer machines from being too hectic.

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  1. Keep your kid’s closet neat!

Clothes will come and go quickly from your children’s closets as the school year keeps everyone on their feet. By managing and keeping the closet neat, you can avoid your children asking you again and again where their favorite shirts or lucky socks are.

Organize your kid’s closet by sections: one for tops, one for bottoms, one for outer layers like coats and jackets, one for specific sports activities, and so on. Create compartments for smaller articles of clothing like socks, underwear, scarves, and other accessories. If you see a lot of clothes going unused, consider setting them aside and donating them to a charity!

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  1. Create a clear study area

Your kids’ productivity will appreciate having a study area cleared up for them. Instead of doing homework at the dinner table or on the bed, see if you can clear a table or desk for them specifically for studying! 

You can spruce this area up with a desk chair, decorative cups or trays for pens, pencils, paper clips, and more, and desk organizers to keep homework organized. Don’t forget to have a spot on the desk for a desktop computer or laptop, complete with a power strip close by for any phone chargers or desk lamps to prevent strained eyes!

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a fun activity for your family to refresh your home for the new school year, letting you and your kids personalize your home to work to your advantage and stylish preferences and making spaces that you’ll be happy to return to after a long school or workday!

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