5 Great tips on How to enjoy your outdoor living space all year long!

Living in Florida has its benefits, especially when "Winter is coming" as they say in the series, Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the cooler weather may lead homeowners to think that they should be confined to indoor activities only. Thankfully, with these great tips, you can rest assure knowing you have options to create the perfect outdoor living space to use all year long:

1. Adding the warmth to your outdoor living space is crucial in keeping that cozy feeling all year long. Try adding an outdoor fireplace, portable heaters, fire pit or bowls to the mix! Not only does it give you the winter-friendly conditions, an additional benefit can be to roast marsh mellows for the kids (or even adults).

2. No need to cover the pools until the Summer time rolls around again. Simply consider getting your pool heated to enjoy an evening dip, or finally luxuriating in the Jacuzzi/spa more often. Science has proven that a short soak in the steaming and massaging waters of a spa at the end of a long day can help you greatly reduce a lot of that stress.

3. Design your yard with cold-resistant and winter-blooming shrubs, plants, and perennials. The beautiful foliage will be an instant fix for the winter blues! Vibrant greenery such as dwarf fountain grass, lavender, boxwood and juniper will create a warmer feeling to an outdoor living space. 

4. A great way to start your holiday decorating is by using festive accents to enhance the effect of an external lighting system. LED lights are all the rage nowadays to illuminate any outdoor living area. Create a twist on home security lighting by changing the colors to reflect the Fall season.

5. Incorporating an enclosure such as a patio cover is the best way to offer protection from the elements. As an added bonus, patio covers also block out the sun during those hot-summer days providing a seasonal win/win! Enjoy the benefits of natural light during those dark winter months!

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