5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Garden Alive In the Summer Heat

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With the sweltering sun heating things up this summer, your garden and greenery might be prone to wilting or dying. Don’t leave your yard high and dry and abandon them!

Follow these 5 essential steps to a garden that will survive through the summer!

1. Water your plants more

The higher the temperatures and hotter the heat is outside, the quicker your plants will lose water from dehydration. Give them more water to beat the heat, especially if you water them in the morning. Watering them while temperatures are lower before the sun rises can help your plants stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Find your plants some shade

Just like us people, our plants can get relief from burning under direct sunlight by resting in the shade. You can move your plants into the shade under an awning or overhang, or even under a patio chair! Temporary canopies will also help cover sections of your garden or yard.

3. Add mulch

Adding a layer of mulch on the ground around your trees, shrubs, and bushes can keep the soil cooler. A layer of mulch will not only keep the ground temperature lower for the roots of your plants, but help retain moisture through the day!

4. Don't prune your trees

Try to resist wanting to prune the ugly branches and uneven growths of your trees and bushes! You might not realize it, but the outer foliage of your plants, even if it's damaged by the sun or heat, is actually protecting the inner parts of the plant! Think of the extra branches and leaves as a shield that provides shade to the rest of your tree. Hold off on pruning until summer is over and temperatures get lower.

5. Save your fertilizer for fall

Your plants are too busy staying alive and surviving the summer heat, so they won't be able to utilize any fertilizer you set in the ground for them. In fact, the fertilizer might actually hinder instead of help! Fertilizer that your plant isn't using can absorb extra heat from the environment and become a source of unwanted warmth. Save your fertilizer for the fall, when the temperatures also fall to manageable levels.

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