4 Great Benefits Your Home Will Get with Screen Enclosures

Your backyard patio and pool area is just as much a private space for you to rest and relax in as the rest of your home. But there can be little annoyances that keep you from loving your backyard, from having to clean it from not being able to enjoy it because of the blazing hot sun!

A screen enclosure can be the solution to all the issues and annoyances you have with your pool and patio. Installing one can help make your pool area more inviting and welcoming for you and your family!

Here’s 4 big improvements you can bring to your home and backyard by installing screen enclosures!

  1. Have Shade and Comfort!

Ever wanted to stretch your legs out and relax in your backyard or pool but couldn’t because the hot sun outside was scorching the ground? A screen enclosure lets the sunlight while reducing impact from dangerous UV rays and providing shade to your patio. 

Unwind and relax under the protection of your screen enclosure without having to worry about reapplying sunscreen every 20 minutes!

  1. Keep the Pests Out!

Without a doubt, a screen enclosure will keep out any annoying pests around your patio or pool. Say goodbye to flies, mosquitoes, frogs, waterbugs, lizards, snakes, and many other unwelcome guests. Even larger animals like stray cats, raccoons, and birds won’t be able to access your backyard!


  1. Rest Easy with Less Maintenance in Your Backyard

Your screen enclosure will keep out more than just the sun and pests! By protecting your backyard and home equipment from the elements, it can bring passive benefits to your home on top of the shade it provides. 

Enjoy reduced algae growth, decreased water evaporation from your pool, and a cleaner backyard since debris won’t get into your yard! Your outside equipment like air conditioning units and water filters will experience less heating from the sun thanks to the extra shade, saving you money on the electricity bill.


  1. Plenty of Versatile Options to Choose From

Your home and backyard are just as unique as you, and screen enclosures won’t limit your ability to design your home the way you like it! There are many types and styles of screen enclosures that you can choose to customize your home. Feel free to pick the best option of screen enclosures that best fit your vision for your home!


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