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What has now become the standard for South Florida, impact resistant doors have become one of the most requested home remodeling projects since hurricane Andrew devastated our homes 24 years ago.

A-Christian Glass provides the best selection of doors, and our door installation specialists are renowned for their professional work and attention to detail.

We also take pride in advising our community about the importance of installing quality storm resistant doors so you and your family can stay safe, even during a hurricane.

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Benefits of Impact Resistant Doors

  1. Built from time tested and storm proof materials safe enough for most categories of hurricane, your doors are impact resistant, providing security even in the event of a potential intruder.
  2. Properly installed, these doors remain in place as a barrier from harsh winds without the shaking and jiggling common use doors would have in the face of such winds.
  3. Our impact resistant doors block out 99% of all UV radiation from your home and help the health conscious, reducing the amount of carcinogenic and harsh sun rays that seep into your home naturally.
  4. Once the glass has been smashed, the rest of the door remains in place further eliminating chances of an intruder coming in to your home and making a quick fix more feasible while you wait for your replacement glass to arrive.
  5. In the event of massive storm surge, our impact resistant doors are dual layered. So, if a wave cracks your glass, the layer of glass behind it will keep the door held together and your home dry.

Brands of Doors We Sell and Install

A-Christian Glass sells and installs doors from a variety of industry leading vendors so you'll have the best selection to choose from. With so many brands available, our specialists will help you find the perfect doors for your home as well as your budget.

Residential Doors

Commercial Doors

  • Aldora
  • Trulite
  • YKK AP America
  • Kawneer
  • CGI Commercial

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