By: Under Pressure Power Washing SFL | Created 09/16/2021
1. A POWER WASHER IS MUCH STRONGER THAN A GARDEN HOSE. Sometimes people will think that placing their thumb over the end of a garden hose can have the same effect as using a power washer. This is not true. A garden hose will not have the same power or be able to dislodge the same amount of grime that a power washer can. A power washer has 80 times the force of a garden hose. 2. YOU CANNOT POWER WASH EVERYTHING. Power washing is best for you’re the exterior of your home, driveways, patios, pool decks, concrete fixtures or landscapes, and windows. You should avoid power washing outdoor fabrics, wooden furniture, crumbling concrete, plastic furniture and painted surfaces, unless you're trying to remove the paint. The pressure can damage these things.  3. YOU CAN EASILY REMOVE MOLD, MILDEW, GRIME AND DIRT WITH A POWER WASHER. The force created can move all of these substances. It will dislodge dirt in hard to reach areas. Removing grime and dirt between patios bricks, concrete, on your driveway and around your home can be difficult due to reach and how much can accumulate between cracks. Power washing makes this easy. 4. PRESSURE WASHING EACH YEAR WILL EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR PAINT. If you pressure wash each year, you can extend the life of your paint by at least three years. It is much less expensive to power wash than repaint.
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