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By: GLASS DESIGN | Created 03/20/2020

Are you interested in a unique way to bring your home to life? If so, it’s time to consider the many ways you can use glass to accomplish this goal! The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to decorative glass.

Here are some of the most unique ideas to consider:

1. Frameless Shower Enclosure

A frameless glass shower enclosure gives your space the luxurious, high-end look and feel you’ve been dreaming of. Frameless shower enclosures have minimal hardware and clean lines.

Want to take it up a notch? We offer glass upgrades such as low iron/ultra clear glass, textured glass and cast/slumped glass. We also have in house artists that can fuse bubbles or etch a design on your new shower enclosure!

2. Entry Door

Is your entry dark and drab, lacking in natural light? Adding glass to your entry door is the perfect solution to this issue! An entry door with glass enhances the curb appeal and value of your home, and is also enjoyed on the interior of the home!

Glass Design has many options available-leaded and beveled, etched, textured glass, stained glass overlay and more!

3. Glass Backsplash

A painted glass backsplash is an easy way to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen. A glass backsplash will give your space a unique, custom feel.

Glass backsplashes can be completely customized to the homeowner’s taste, available in many textures and thicknesses along with custom color matching.

4. Bar or Vanity Top

Is your bar in need of an upgrade? How about your bathroom vanities? Rather than opt for a traditional countertop surface, such as granite or marble, consider utilizing a thick glass countertop for your bar or vanity.

Adding glass to your space will offer a unique, custom appearance. There are many textures, thicknesses and color options to choose from.

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What do you think about these unique ways to use glass in your home? Could one or more of these be just what you’re looking for?

Contact us or visit our design consultants in one of our Southwest Florida showrooms today!

By: GLASS DESIGN | Created 03/20/2020

There are many benefits of hurricane impact glass- strength and durability, storm protection, security and safety, and even noise reduction. Many new homes in Florida are built with clear impact glass installed in the exterior doors, including entry doors and pool bath/lanai doors.

While the impact glass has it obvious benefits, many homeowners do not prefer the clear glass due to the lack of privacy. Glass Design has your solution!

Decorative Glass Installation

We are able to install decorative glass behind your existing impact glass. We install inside the existing frame on the interior of the home. It is finished off by our expert installers so precisely that it looks like it was there from the beginning!

In most cases, we can install decorative glass behind existing clear glass in entry doors, pool bath doors and windows, including transom windows above entry doors.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of installing decorative glass behind your existing impact glass:

  • Allows homeowners to keep their current impact glass in tact
  • Show your personal style: Decorative glass provides the opportunity to show your personal style and taste, all while giving your door and home a unique look and feel.
  • Add privacy to clear glass. MANY options and levels of privacy available!
  • Enhance curb appeal. (added benefit- you can enjoy the glass from the home’s interior as well!)

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If you’re interested in installing decorative glass behind your existing impact glass, contact us to learn more about the options available to you. We’ll help you choose a design that suits your home, your style, and your budget.

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